Mag. Dr. Andrea Funk

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Selected Publications

Funk, A., Schiemer, F. Reckendorfer, W. (2013): Metacommunity structure of aquatic gastropods in a river floodplain: the role of niche breadth and drift propensity. Freshwater Biology 58 (12), 2505-2516

Funk, A., Gschöpf, C., Blaschke, A.P., Weigelhofer, G., Reckendorfer, W. (2013): Ecological niche models for the evaluation of management options in an urban floodplain-conservation vs. restoration purposes. Environmental Science & Policy 34, 79-91

Reckendorfer, W., Funk, A., Gschöpf, C., Hein, T., Schiemer, F. (2013): Aquatic ecosystem functions of an isolated floodplain and their implications for flood retention and management. Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (1), 119-128

Weigelhofer, G., Reckendorfer, W., Funk, A., Hein, T. (2013): Auenrevitalisierung - Potenzial und Grenzen am Beispiel der Lobau, Nationalpark Donau-Auen. Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft 65 (11), 400-407

Namaalwa, S. Van dam, A.A., Funk, A., Ajie, G.S., Kaggwa, R.C. (2013): A characterization of the drivers, pressures, ecosystem functions and services of Namatala wetland, Uganda. Environmental Science & Policy 34, 44-57

Funk A., Reckendorfer W., (2009): Aquatic diversity in a former floodplain: remediation in an urban context. Ecological Engineering, 35, 1476-1484